aiming at the barrier free of the society.    
 Chinese  Taiwanese  English  Korean  Japanese
walking arround Kobe for sightseeing  
Sightseeing tour for the elderly people of wheelchair use or a disabled person. 
Let's be enjoying and listening to explanation of a sightseeing guide .
start person to meet sightseeing excretion
sightseeing tea and a snack
sightseeing guide(charge ・・・ Hiroe Miyazaki
designated date a course, time
distance passage
Nagata-ku, Hyogo-ku, Chuo-ku,
and the Suma-ku southeast part in Kobe city
\3,000. for 1 person (other areas please consult )
an admission fee etc. may be generated separately.
the day of choice the course of choice time required 3 hours   \15,660 per a car.
an application
and an inquiry
mail 078-578-1011
uni care center
walking arround Kobe for sightseeing
N0. 43
 NEW !
 2017/10/17 Suma coast walk and shopping 
Let's go to the Suma Sea after a long absence
let's enjoy shopping
 N0. 42   2017/09/19  Kobe airport tour
Let's visit Kobe Airport and walk around the island
 N0. 41  2017/07/19 Let's visit the silk inspection site 
Experience life and toys in the Showa era.
 N0. 40  2017/06/13  Let's visit Kobe Customs

Let's visit the Kobe Customs which almost never goes

 N0. 39 2017/05/09   Kobe Porttower and Merikenpark

This year will be Kobe opening port 150 years
Let's visit the renewed Meriken Park

N0. 38 
 2016/12/13 Kobe buried cultural property center 
we go to the subway "Seishin-chuo station".
we'll touch in ancient culture.
N0. 37   2016/10/25 Kiyomori's dream
and the Hyogo big buddha
We walked along the Hyogo big buddha and the Kiyomori mound.
We were so pleasured to go from Kiyomori! 
N0. 36    2016/09/23 The north park in Port Island
Let's see the scene of a harbor, the rows of houses of Kobe, and the Mt.Rokkou from the north park.
Please look at a building in foreign style and a fountain.  
 N0. 35
2016/07/14  We'll feel the coolness by "waterfall in Nunobiki". 
we'll enjoy forest bathing.
the quantity of water increases after rain,
so a wonderful waterfall can be seen.
N0. 34  2016/06/24  We'll enjoy a hydrangea in the forest.
Kobe municipal forest botanical garden 
we can be cool even during hot summer
 N0. 33  2016/05/10 the fragrance of the sea at Harborland 
as soon,150 years have passed since Kobe harbor opened
and you be able to shop happily..
N0. 32
2016/03/11  making boiled fish paste at  the school of fish
two years ago,we madeboiled fish paste
at the school of fish in the Marinpia Kobe.
also this year ,let's challenge to make.
N0. 31  
2015/12/11  we'll visit. Kobe fashion art museum 
picture scroll of Japanese costume
and we'll take a walk through Rokko island.
N0. 30   2015/10/20  Sorakuen Chrysanthemum exhibition
The spot which is silent while having that in the center of the city
It's a chrysanthemum at a garden like a different world, we'll enjoy it.    A heart also calms down for green tea and a Japanese confection.
N0. 29   2015/09/25  Ishii dam
If we aren't usually climbed a mountain, it isn't possible to go. 
We'll enjoy natural good air fully.
N0. 28  
 2015/07/14 Forest in Ikuta shrine and" Town in Kitano atelier".
The place good for 2nd of which I saw the sights so far in Kobe
We'll buy a gift by" town in Kitano atelier". 
N0. 27   2015/05/14  The tour of wine cellars(Japanese Sake)
The best place where we went sightseeing so far in Kobe
N0. 26 
Paradise on earth(Tarumi healthy park)
A contrast of white and red blossoms of plums is wonderful. 
A flower should be in full bloom by a clear sky on the day.
N0. 25   21014/12/16  Takenaka carpentry tools museum
Japan, China and Korea 
Master builder's work and heart exhibition

N0. 24 
2014/10/22  Promenade in Akashi kaikyo bridge・Ajyulemaiko
See the ship which goes back and forth from a bridge.
Let's take a walk the park of the beach.  
No. 23   2014/09/10 Suma temple
The 12th century had a battle of Genji and the Heike.
The Suma temple is the famous place where the historic spot remains.  
No. 22    2014/07/17 Minatogawa shrine
The center in Kobe is Kobe station after all.
Kobe station saw commencement-of-business 140 years.
Let's take a walk the area.  
No. 21   2014/06/19  Mt. Futatabi park
June is the rainy season.
But this year ,it will be little rain and it is hot.
Serve as summering, let's jump into nature
 No. 20  2014/05/15  Kobe port tower
For the first time in what year would you go?
You has not gone there, even if you live in Kobe.
Let's see a 360-degree panorama view. 
No. 19  2014/03/17   Making boiled fish paste at  the school of fish
Last year,we made salt from sea water.
at the school of fish in the Marinpia kobe.
Also this year ,let's challenge to make.

2013.12.12(Tue) UCC Coffee Museum
It will be get cold, we come in a building this time.
Kobe is first in coffee culture in Japan.
Let's come into contact with in coffee history and tale.
No.17 2013.10.22(Thu) Kobe Oji Zoo
The pleasant season of fine autumn come on.
We go to the zoo considered not to carry out during the long period. Although all inside the garden cannot be seen, please look forward to them.
No.16 2013.09.11(Wed) Immigration load and an immigration museum
Immigration overseas is the ancient times of Kobe which has become to be forgotten.
We look back upon every day of the last which they passed in Japan.
No.15 2013.07.09(Tue) Kobe municipal forest plant garden
It is a western-part-of-Japan leading hydrangea garden.
Beautiful flowers greet best time to see gradually.
Let's take a walk woods given the opportunity of summering.
No.14 2013.06.13(Thu) The north park in Port Island
Let's see the scene of a harbor, the rows of houses of Kobe, and the Mt.Rokkou from the north park.
Please look at a building in foreign style and a fountain.
No.13 2013.05.18(Sat) Let's listen to a concert in the Minatogawa tunnel.
The Minatogawa tunnel is the first modern river tunnel in Japan.
Although the duty as a tunnel finished
Let's inspect a tunnel.
No.12 2013.04.23(Tue) The Kitano building in foreign style
and the Kitano studio

We walk around in town Kitano which the foreigner lived.
Let's travel various fashions and a store at the Kitano studio hall.
Let's enjoy shopping and tea drinking.

2013.03.26(Tue) The east amusement park and a monument
A view of city office on 26th

When it gets warm,We can see.cherry tree bloom
How about a cap of coffee,looking at great scenery?
No.10 2013.02.26(Tue) The fish school
(salt making-experience)

In a building, we can make salt.
Sea water turns into an instant.
How impressed experience!!
No.9 2012.01.22(Tue) Marine museum
and the Kawasaki world
We can see a ship,the history of marine
the Shinkansen, an airplane, a helicopter, and motorcycles
The robot which moves freely Let's enjoy various machines!
No.8 2012.12.04(Tue) Hakutsuru Sake library
We can feel
the atmosphere of old period.
You can also buy many souvenirs.
No.7 2012.10.30(Tue) Sorakuen garden (the tour around the garden, and a chrysanthemum show)
We can takea walk arround wonderful garden is taken a walk.
How about a chrysanthemum show
and delicious Japanese sweets?
No.6 2012.09.25(Tue)) Nanjing-town
and the Meriken Park walk
It is comparatively vacant. Was it lucky
Some shopping was done
by some people. !
No.5 2012.08.18(Tue) Hyogo diplomatic establishments
Although it is hot ,it is a walk inside a hall.
The feeling which became an
important visitor
How about?
No.4 2012.07.24(Tue) The view of Mt.Suwa
and restaurant Tour D'or
It is pleasant to see a scenefrom a high place.
How about takinga deep breathof the top of Mt.,
with delicious coffee?
No.3 2012.06.26(Tue) You can learn a lot of thingsin a museum
(Kobe municipal museum)

Let,s go to the museum and
get interested in the various thing
No.2 2012.05.22(Tue) Nunobiki's waterfall and Ikuta river park
At first wed outed that
Can we see the big waterfall trulywith a wheelchair ?.
We were impressed by the impending waterfall. !
No.1 2012.04.24(Tue) Kiyomori's dream
and the Hyogo big buddha
We walked along the Hyogo big buddha and the Kiyomori mound.
It was some now hot ,
We were so pleasured to go from Kiyomori!